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"Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the stage of life you can fulfill your high destined role."
Paramahansa Yoganada

Love only





Jyotisha is a mystical language of light brought to us from the Vedas in India. Stefania will examine the various signs and planetary placements in your birth chart that unify the make-up of your own personal light frequency; your soul blueprint; your karmic code. Like going to a well for water, this language of light that comes to you in chart form, is the source or well of self-knowledge. It is a sister science of the Vedas and it gives you deep mystical information about your soul, your current life karma, and your personal relationship to the cosmos. Within your birth chart you will learn about energetic alchemical combinations that create specific patters that bring light into form, and create the unique Being called YOU. Key areas of your chart and life include: relationships, love, sexuality, money, wealth, career, health, nutrition, children, family, past life, and current life karma and dharma. Jyotisha is referred to as the “Eyes of the Vedas”, because it helps you to see the truth.



“Jyotisha is the blueprint of your soul. When you come to this planet, you bring with you information about the journey of your soul; your strengths, your weaknesses, and the timing of the unfolding of your karma. Your Vedic astrology birth chart will give you this information. It is a sacred scientific mystical language that helps you understand yourself and your relationship to others, as well as the grande cosmos in which we live.”

Stefania Leone


When you want to work with Stefania on an individual basis. The work is highly confidential and designed to encourage you to rise in self-knowledge and self-mastery. 


Are you needing guidance or advice about a particular situation that you’re currently encountering? Are you looking to plan an event and want to find a date with beneficial energies? Or are you needing help with an omen or other significant sign you’ve discovered in your life? This is an opportunity to get specific guidance to do with the current phase of your journey.


When you want to come together with your romantic partner, family member, and friend or business partner to understand the underlying complexities influencing and governing your particular relationship. Simply understanding the deeper energetic or karmic alchemical reactions that occur when you interact or communicate, or simply be in the same room as another, gives you a profound ability to relax with things! It is also extremely helpful for those who are deciding to go into or come out of current relationships. Once you understand the WHY of your more challenging relationships, you will not take things so personally and will be able to approach the same relationship with a new light. Compassion for yourself, another, as well as a respect for what may be ancient past life connections playing themselves out in this lifetime.

Are you looking to get more deeply into understanding the deepest aspects of your Self?

Over the course of the 12 months of the Self Study Course, you will receive one reading per month getting into the most intimate details of one house of your chart. By the end of the course, you will have covered all 12 houses providing you a deep and profound understanding of all the various aspects of your chart, personal karmas, why you think the way you do, why things transpire in your life the way they do, and how the planets are effecting your life.



All communication its treated with the highest regard for privacy and confidentiality. I practice non judgment and ahimsa.

Love only.

Tel: +1 401 4812878

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