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"Thank you Sister!  And thanks for holding space yesterday!  So appreciate it!  So appreciate how strong and 'great' you are and yet so unpretentious and connected!  

Precious You!"

"Thank you so much again for your time and for sharing such insightful and meaningful information with me today. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet you.

Looking forward to more sessions in the future =)



"Thank you so much for your time and energy to channel all this special information for me 💫🪐 That was truly fascinating. So grateful to find out more about my life’s path. Feeling humbled, aware and...excited."


“You are pure. You are heart. You are love. I don’t think you realize how much you connect people, Stefania. And you are really good at it. You have a special way of bringing all of the interesting and fun people into each other’s lives. Thank you for making me one of those people. I love being in your circle. I love being your friend. I love you!!!”


“I highly recommend studying with Stefania. Her level of understanding, in site and intuition is amazing. If you are curious about vedic astrology and are considering devilling deeper you won’t be disappointed. This ancient language is invaluable in deepening the understanding of self and Stefania will help you decode your chart leading to greater clarity and light."


“Stefania Leone is the Goddess of Vedic Astrology!  The lovely Stefania has been one of my Spiritual Directors and teachers the past couple years.  Stefania embodies the wise woman archetype and she has guided me with her wisdom, knowledge and personal experience, which has taught me how to navigate my journey from a place surrender, trust and discernment.  Not only has Vedic Astrology helped me understand who I am and for what purposes was I born but it has also been an incredible parenting tool to help me guide my children. Stefania also embodies a very important principle as a teacher, which is humour!  Life is serious enough and personally I love to be surrounded by lovely souls who love to laugh like Stefania. I feel deeply blessed to have Stefania walk with me on this wild ride called life!"

Karen Petersen Sainas

"I just wanted to thank you very much for your work and words. After our sessions I finally feel like there is a reason for the way I am, it isn’t simply random and that is so refreshing. I’ve never known myself so well, and been so comfortable expressing myself as I am. I feel blessed and inspired to work with you as a wonderful female role model. Until next time with love and gratitude." 


“Thank you so so much. I so enjoyed every minute of our time together. I am so facinated by it all and so impressed with how amazing you are at your work! I will be walking on sunshine all day. I find you have that wonderful gift to inspire and make people feel so great! Love, love, love! gratitude, m”
“Stefania-I just wanted to thank you so much for your reading you did for me awhile back-Shahrokh andf I especially benifited from the intro to Abraham-it was the exact info and wake up call that we needed right at the perfect time…Thank you for being the messenger!”


”Hiya Stefania, I just wanted to send some appreciation your way, when you read my chart all those years ago you mentioned my potential for public speaking and I took your guidance to heart and have allowed my life to unfold to honour this element of my path. This afternoon I’m taking the stage to speak at TEDx Gastown Women and I wanted to share my gratitude that you were such an influencing factor in this all unfolding!!"


“Thinking about how grateful I am that I was introduced to you 18yrs ago!”You have watched me grow and seen the subtle and the not so subtle changes, you know me more intimately then most of my friends and you acknowledge me as if you were a parent who is proud of their child. I am touched, moved and inspired by our friendship and our client/jyotishi relationship, it’s wonderful walking the good red road with you Stefania”

Our reading was such a profound experience for me and I am still digesting the wisdom you shared. If you are offering any digital workshops or classes in the future, please keep me posted! Also, is it possible to be emailed a copy of my chart? I think the receptionist took my email but it might not have been passed to you.

Confidentiality is an essential aspect of my work.

To this end, I am usually not taking or creating different names for most of my testimonials, however all of the testimonials are authentic.


Thank you for realizing the wonder of Jyotisha.


Love only…

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